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The Essential Opportunities for the Use of iOS Simulator

ios simulator
ios simulator

A recent development team in China released a video on the Chinese video platform. The content of the video is an iOS simulator called “Apple Box Simulator”. This is the first iOS simulator released on the Internet since Apple introduced the iPhone. The actual application and progress can be learned from the development team.

As one of Apple’s core products, iOS has been carefully protected by Apple, and Apple has always been known for its smooth execution of iOS systems. If this iOS simulator is true, it is very likely to trigger a change in the mobile phone industry.

According to the author’s instructions on the web:

Because of the characteristics of iOS closed source, in order to complete this impossible task, their team of 5 people have been developing this project for more than a year, completed all feasibility verification, and recently made a beta version, which finally allows them to break the results.

They tentatively set the name of the development test version of the simulator to “Apple Box”. At present, they are already doing the final test. If all goes well, the MacOS version will be released before the end of the year to give the first-line experience to the front-end friends. The subsequent upgrade version will also support Windows. But you need to know more about this. There are a lot of other ways in which the use of the iOS simulator┬áis proving to be effective. You need to know the facts and then only you will be able to have a proper and concrete opportunity for all.


There is also good news, “Apple Box” will be compatible with the App Store version and shared with iPhone game progress.”

Although Android has a simulator for a long time, compared with the open Android, iOS has always been well protected by Apple, and the code is not available for reference. Therefore, the difficulty of developing iOS is quite high. Of course, like the simulator of Nintendo and other game consoles, although the original factory is not open, others can reverse-engineer the original code. It’s just that the complexity of the iPhone is much higher than that of these game consoles.

  • Currently developing a mobile phone simulator, there are mainly several problems to be solved: First, ARM and x86 two completely different CPU instruction sets how to translate between each other, and then simulate the mobile phone operation interface on the computer side, the bottom layer How to solve the hardware call. These are quite difficult jobs.


According to the development team, the simulator supports ARM and x86 dual architecture, which means that users can execute on the X86 platform and the ARM instruction set platform, while X86 and ARM basically cover all PC products and mobile devices. It is. The development team has only five people, specializing in reverse analysis, compiler, CPU instruction set, graphic image processing. At present, the project has been developed for more than a year. The team has completed all feasibility verification and made a test version.


Apple Box:

The current development name of this simulator is “Apple Box”. More than 100 iOS games have been implemented in the Apple Box Beta, and the officially released version is said to support most mainstream iOS games. The Apple box supports the ARM and x86 dual-architecture instruction set. In addition to the ARM version, developers can compile the iOS App into an x86 version and put it in the Apple box. Because it does not require instruction translation, the execution speed is faster than the ARM version. The Apple box will first release the macOS version, and subsequent upgrades will support the Windows platform.

You may download the ios simulator through this link

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