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Four Reasons to Take a Trip to Colombo

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Best Trip to Colombo – Must Visit City

Sri Lanka is a stunning country, known worldwide for its exotic charm, spotless beaches, museums, and lots of unusual attractions. Its unique history has blessed it with so many wonderful landmarks, creating an unending list of attractions for international tourists. There can be a number of cities that are worth a visit, but Colombo, the capital city, certainly rules the heart of the tourists when it comes to spending a vacation here.


Nothing can really beat the charm of Colombo that has been into existence since ages. It has served as the prime port of the country since antiquity and is now the financial and commercial center as well. Those who are traveling to Colombo for the first time can feel the pulse of the olden times and also experience the liveliness of modern lifestyle.

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A tour of Colombo can let you experience many unmatched places of interest, events, sightseeing, historical architecture and so on. It is a melting pot of customs and cultures that have emerged on its soil at different periods of its long history. The same history has also enabled its landscape to be covered with loads of incredible attractions that delight the tourists on holidays.


Explore through the various landmarks of great architecture and learn a lot about the varying styles and designs of Sri Lankan architectural heritage. Also notice a wealth of colonial structures that have been erected by the British, Portuguese and Dutch. You can visit the churches, temples, mosques and many similar structures. Seek the advice of a trusted travel agent and book cheap flights to Colombo from London.


If you are still not convinced, here are four reasons to take a trip to Colombo for holidays.


  • History: What would be a better choice than Colombo National Museum to learn a thing or two about the history of Sri Lanka? Take a gist of what went several centuries with a visit to the museum that came into existence in 1877. The museum has the distinction of being one of the largest as well as oldest in Sri Lanka. Capture the essence of country’s history while browsing through the largest repository of historical manuscripts, antiques, and artifacts.


National Museum Colombo


  • Leisure: Want to have a relaxing vacation experience? Colombo can be a budget-friendly destination to do so. Seek discount travel deals from experts like Hoodaki and come to the city for the tranquility and serenity of Galle Face Green. It is a long stretch of lawn facing the sea and is frequented by joggers, kite flyers, walkers and leisure seekers. Most locals like to spend their weekends at Galle Face Green, making it into a place buzzing with food vendors and petty hawkers.


  • Spirituality: How about a trip to Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara, a prime center to seek spiritual peace. It is a major Buddhist temple and is said to be visited by Buddha two millennia ago. Visitors on holidays can explore the temple to find an astonishing collection of Buddhist sculptures and paintings also.


Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara

  • Wildlife: Sri Lankans are often symbolized with the images of elephants. The country has a rich culture related to elephants and they are among the most important wildlife attractions. Visit Dehiwala Zoo to have a close encounter. How about an elephant safari? Your children will surely be delighted with the idea. By the way, the zoo has a vast array of other native and international animals that can easily take up a day if you set to see all of them.

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