long car journey

Are we there yet? Tips for keeping your kids entertained on long car journeys


Tips for Long Car Journeys

long car journey
long car journey

It’s February half term, and you’re ready for your highly anticipated week away with your beloved family. It’s the day of your trip and in a perfect world, you’ve packed everyone’s bags, made breakfast for the family, programmed the sat nav, and still have time to spare before you set off. To put the cherry on top of the cake, things have continued to run smoothly throughout the day and your seven hour car journey has gone well – you’ve managed to avoid long tail-backs of traffic, the kids are behaving like little angels in the back of the car and you’ve reached your destination safely and checked in to your room on time.

In reality, you’ve accidentally forgotten to set the alarm and overslept, the sat nav won’t function and your kids are arguing in the backseats of the car and constantly asking “‘Are we there yet?”. To top things off, you’re stuck in traffic jams and two hours have passed since you were meant to check in to your hotel. Perfect – Just the start to your trip that you didn’t want. Although we can’t help you with the broken sat nav or give you back the time you lost, we can provide you with some tops tips and fun ideas which will ensure your kids will be entertained throughout the long car journey.

Avoid artificial additives

Yes, definitely avoid! Artificial additives such as colorings and preservatives in food and drink have been heavily linked to hyperactive behavior in children with the effects of additives commonly leading to low concentration, irritability, tantrums and the inability to sleep. So think twice before packing any car snacks overloaded with sugar and highly luminous fizzy drinks – instead, ditch those sugary snacks in favor of more natural and healthier options such as sparkling mineral water with natural flavorings, a variety of fruit or yogurt covered raisins for those with a sweeter tooth. Not only will you notice a difference in their behavior, but the kids will also be getting 1 of their 5 a day!

Portable DVD players

Popping on one of your child’s favorite movies is a great way to keep them entertained for a long car journey. The prices of portable DVD players have decreased tremendously since they first made an appearance, so if you don’t already own a portable DVD player, have a shop around online so you can get the most competitively priced deal. For the more money conscious parent, it might be worthwhile looking into pre-owned options to make your money go further. Select a few movie titles to bring with you on the journey, and you’re good to go! All your kids need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the movie!


There’s nothing like a family road trip without playing some fun car games to pass the time. Check out our suggestions or why not create your own games? Remember, time flies when you’re having fun!

* I Spy the classic guessing game is perfect for passing the time on your long car journey – just make sure the players don’t nominate an object that the car has already driven past.

* Spelling games are great fun for your children to partake in and will stimulate their brains out of school hours. Who said that car games couldn’t be educational?

* The alphabet game is a simple yet enjoyable game for two or more players. To play, each participant attempts to find the letters of the alphabet in order on anything they can see inside the car or on the road.

* Find the car game involves a nominated player selecting a type of car or color of the car whilst the other players look for it. Points are rewarded to the player who spots the car first. The winner is the player with the most points after 10 minutes. Easy peasy.

* Another option is to bring some paper and pens for your kids – From noughts and crosses and hangman to simple drawing and coloring, bringing pens and paper with you is a great way to keep your kids entertained on your long car journey.

Car music and audio books

When all else fails, nothing beats a good old-fashioned session of car karaoke. Bring along some of your kids favorite Disney soundtracks and get ready to warm up those vocal chords! Audiobooks are also a great idea if you’re looking for a more relaxed option.

Regular Stops

Although a couple of breaks from the motorway is something you’ve probably already factored into your journey, we cannot recommend them enough. In addition to refueling your car and your stomachs, taking a short walk around the grounds of the service station is a great way to get some fresh air, stretch those legs and get your circulation going. It’s also a great idea for the designated driver to refresh and most importantly take a break from concentrating on the road.

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Now you’ve arrived at your holiday destination, the fun can really start to begin and it’s now time to make some memories that will last a lifetime – just don’t forget to plan some different games and activities for your children on the car journey home! For other advice on long car journeys, head on over to www.colliers.co.uk, Birmingham’s premier car dealership for both new and used cars.


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