XML sitemap generator

The Important of Sitemaps from the Prospective of SEO


The Important of Sitemaps from the Prospective of SEO, It’s Importance and Types

XML sitemap generator
XML sitemap generator


When working with websites, you will often times come across sitemaps. Search engines will ask you to submit your website’s sitemap. So let us try to understand sitemaps today.

What are sitemaps?

Sitemap, as the word itself, indicates, it a map of your website. It is the blueprint on which your website is built. A sitemap is a file containing a list of pages on your website.

Why are site maps important for your SEO?

You may have heard of Google crawler. It is the internet bot that Google uses to index your website. Once you launch your website, Google has to browse it before it can add it to its huge database. Without entering Google’s database, you will not appear in Google’s search engine. This means your website will only be accessible when opened manually; nobody can search for it on Google. So it is always a website owner’s urgent concern to appear in Google’s database. This process is called indexing. Google can take any time from 4 days to 4 weeks to add your website information to its database. However, it is also true that some websites don’t get crawled. Under such circumstances, you need to submit a request to Google, asking to be reconsidered for crawling. Google then asks you for a sitemap submission. Sitemaps are easy for Google’s crawler to read and browse through. Without a sitemap, your website may never appear on Google.

What are different types of sitemaps?

There are 6 types of sitemaps in total.

  1. HTML sitemaps are intended for your users. They help the users navigate easily through a website.
  2. XML sitemaps are made for search engines. Crawlers like Google’s internet bot understand XML sitemaps easily and it helps them browse your website. This is sitemap that you will submit with Google in order to have your website reconsidered for crawling.
  3. Image sitemaps have the same format as XML sitemaps except that they are specifically made for the image content of your website. Submitting an image sitemap of your website with Google can help you improve the search engine rankings of the images on your website.
  4. Video sitemaps, like image sitemaps, are XML sitemaps for the video content on your website. They help in improving the rankings of videos on your website. You can also add additional information (like which category the video belongs to) by creating a video sitemap.
  5. News sitemaps are designed for optimizing news content of your website with Google. This is also an XML sitemap.
  6. Mobile sitemaps are for feature-phones (phones that don’t use an advanced browser). Smartphones are not related to feature-phones.

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How can you create a sitemap using XML sitemap generator?

As technical as sitemaps sound, they don’t need to be scary. XML sitemaps (as you will need to submit with Google) can be created using online tools called XML sitemap generator. On the website, you are only required to copy and paste your website URL. This XML sitemap generator generates for you a downloadable file of your sitemap. You can easily submit that with Google.


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