Germany Public Holidays 2018

Public Holidays in Germany – Best Time to Visit it

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Public Holidays in Germany – Best Time to Visit it

Public Holidays in Germany
Public Holidays in Germany


German Public Holidays 2018

Here in Germany, it seems we have a lot of public holidays in Germany. I should not complain I know, in fact, I am not, but over the past few weeks, we have basically been on a 3 to 4 day week.

This weekend is the last of the holidays until October 3rd.


So above you see the holidays in Hessen the Bundesland we live in. There are the normal ones of course like Christmas, New year and Easter. But then we get May 1, or Labour day, and then May 29th Ascension day, which as it is a Thursday, we always take the Friday too – that was handy for the wedding. Then we got June 9th for Whit, followed this weekend by the 19th for Corpus Christi, and a bridge day for the 20th. Last week the company moved into the city and gave us all a day off ( the Friday) so they could move. I am beginning to forget what a full weeks work feels like.


What I have noticed however is that when one does not attend Church, or is not a Christian than these days just become days off with no meaning and no purpose. They are handy to do a bit of cleaning or DIY perhaps, but they have no Christian meaning.

Now that our societies are becoming more and more mixed, and more and more secular, I am even wondering about whether we should be getting all these days off.

Maybe Governments and Employers should grant 3 or 4 days a year for people to use to mark religious festivals, so they can tailor them to the religion that matters most to them. And for the rest of us? maybe one or two floating days to use, just because.

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