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My First Summer Adventure Travel with Virikson

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Adventure Travel with Virikson

Everyone’s life has different phases, your childhood, middle age and then the phase of adulthood. One of the most difficult phases was middle age. I didn’t want to grow up but had my responsibilities ahead. However, you want it or not but you have to make a choice. My head was in a complicated state, done with my graduation, working to earn better but tired of the norms and traditions. By norms I mean, complete your graduation, get a dream job and then pretend like you’re happy with it. No doubt, many people are really happy but some of us feel this routine as boundaries. It seems that you’ve been given the open choice but still you have nowhere to run. Anyways, I wanted to escape from it. So, last summer, I decided to take a short break from the routine life, quit my job and started searching for new adventures. Meanwhile, Morocco tourist attractions were at the peak and it is also one of the most affordable places to plan my summer adventure.

The journey of Escaping Reality

It’s been a year to the adventure of Morocco, but I can still feel those cultural vibes. The simplicity of lifestyle, peaks of the High Atlas Mountains and the soothing small town of Chefchaoueon.It was a magical voyage I ever had in my life. I feared in the beginning as right after landing in Marrakech, there were too many people offering their transfer services, hotel packages, and many other travel deals. Before I could freak out by this hustle, my driver approached and we moved towards the accommodation. After enjoying my amazing road trip from the airport to the hotel, I wanted to rest and the hotel was an amazing cultural sight.

The rest time was over and it was a time to take up some real-life challenges. I thought I was escaping from the reality but actually, I was facing the reality for the first time. The actual beauty, the different perception of a culture and people with different ambitions

Morocco tourist attractions
Morocco tourist attractions

Erg Chebbi–Came trekking

As I choose Sahara to be my next and first adventure. It was summer and hot in the desert. Therefore, we left Marrakech for the Erg Chebbi dunes of Sahara. The road trip was quite peaceful, chit-chat with the strangers and the information about the sand dunes. The guide told us that these dunes change patterns from time to time and that’s why only locals can know the way out of the desert. Anyone else will get lost. He also shared some Berber’s life experience and some fictional stories of being stuck in the Desert. This all made our trip more amazing and fantastic.

Lost on the way; I was no more a person who always wanted to be prepared for what as next ahead? I really left that part of me behind. It was hot outside but the only thing I know was to enjoy the journey my best. We reached our camps by trekking on the camel’s hump. It was a frightening experience yet so exciting.

Addiction to solitude

The day was passing and people were excited by the breath-taking view of the sunset. I had a different feeling, I was waiting for the darkness, I wanted to enjoy my time gazing at the stars. The night drew out and the sky was full of the stars. People thought that I was lost in my own thoughts while sitting all alone, in fact, I was just trying to listen to the stars. This is the dream; the immense emptiness between those stars is like knowing about the emptiness within you. It is the addiction a solitude, you will eventually fall in love with it, it feels so peaceful that nobody wants to come out of it. The first time, I was tired but there was no urge to sleep. It was wide awake night until I freaked out as I felt someone standing right behind me. Before I could scream out loud, he came in front of me and it was one of my travel companions. She was just a little worried about me.

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Anyways, it was a great day and an amazing night. I would recommend adding night camping in Sahara on your list of things to do in Morocco. You will feel alive and reality will never seem too serious after that. It is the power of solitude, Morocco adding night me, once you accept the emptiness, you begin to shine brighter than others. So, be like a star, don’t whine about the misery, instead, accept it and put some efforts to come out of it gracefully. Be a star and believe in your own light!!

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