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List of Places to Go if You Are a Party Animal

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Some people party, others are real party animals who can spot the right place in every town they visit. From a wild beach party on a Croatian island through the carnival in Rio de Janeiro to a techno nightclub in Berlin, the party is never-ending.

No matter if you are planning a weekend off or you have a whole fortnight to party, there is a list of seven places that you shall visit by all means, if you want to call yourself a true party animal.

Las Vegas, USA

It is a timeless classic for all who love to party. You can’t call yourself a true party animal unless you have gone crazy in Vegas. The Sin City is famous for its vibrant nightlife and has an endless pool of possibilities for those who want to ditch the sleep. You can club on the Strip, throw dice at a casino or visit a Cirque du Soleil show. Las Vegas is the perfect place for all type of party animals, so do not forget to put it on your list.


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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a must-see beach resort destination in the list of top party destinations of any true party animal that has been there. If you are a party maniac looking for the vacation of your dreams, then this is the right destination for you. You can enjoy unforgettable nightclubs with trending music, bars that close when the sun comes up and sceneries that will be difficult to miss.

This destination knows well what party animals like so if you’re in for a ride of exploration, this is the best place! Anything from casual parties to organized and epic moments such as bachelorette parties or New Year’s Eve parties are available at Puerto Vallarta. Some of the top clubs to visit include:

  • Bibliotheca Club
  • Bar Morelos
  • La Vaquita
  • La Santa


So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book the next cheap flight to the place you have chosen as a starting point and let yourself a party. A tip from us: turn this list into a checklist and put a sign next to each place you have visited. You can challenge your fellow party lover’s to do the same and have the winner take you to the ultimate party place of all: Ibiza, the clubbing capital of Europe. You didn’t think we will miss it on our list, did you?


Majorca, Spain

The biggest Spanish island of Majorca deserves to top the list of all party animals. The Bay of Palma is the place to go if you want to have fun. The island is most famous for BCM, the largest nightclub in Majorca, which hosts some of the best DJs from all over the world. The party never ends on this sunny island.


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Barcelona, Spain

While still in Spain, it is worth making a trip to the capital of the country. This coastal gem has a lot to offer to party lovers and you can literally enjoy a different party each night of your stay, so book the hotel for a few nights at least. Here is a list of the clubs to visit depending on your music preferences:

  • Jazz lovers should go to the Harlem Jazz Club in the Gothic Quarter to enjoy live performances
  • R&B and Hip Hop lovers should head to Otto Zutz
  • Techno maniacs are welcomed into Macarena – do not let the name fool you

If you simply love a stylish party with international DJs, you can pop into the Catwalk Club by the seaside or the BLVD.

Berlin, Germany

The German capital is one of the most intense clubbing places in Europe and certainly one of the leading venues worldwide. If you are a techno head and have to make just one shot it should be the Bergheim, a former power plant turned into an electronic music club.

Berlin offers a great myriad of weird clubbing places that any party animal shall experience. Take for example the Stat bad Wedding, which used to be a swimming pool or the labyrinth in Salon zur Wilden Renate that consists of avant-garde junkyard rooms where you can dance and chat till you can’t handle it any longer.

Those who love partying on a budget can head towards the Rossi’s Club, which is a more affordable way to spend the night out.



Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The party literally never ends in Amsterdam. While most nightclubs are open from midnight till 6.00 am, there are also many after-hours clubs, where you can dance until noon.

Once in Amsterdam, you need to head towards its party district Rembrandtplein, which hosts the most well-known club in the country called it! You will certainly fit in there because it is the focal point of all types of visitors – from foreign tourists to drag queens and high-society representatives.

New York, USA

No party animal shall miss the opportunities offered by the city that never sleeps. New York offers round-the-clock entertainment for everybody: restaurants, nightlife, music, culture, we got you covered. Some of the most popular clubs in the city are:

  • The Oak – the place where all celebrities go. It is a one-of-a-kind club in a city that has no match.
  • Marquee, which is a great place for those who love House music
  • Cielo targets electro and techno lovers and their motto are “Let’s Dance!”
  • Le Bain Rooftop Bar New York City is a great option for those who want to party without exhausting their budget to the last penny or cent. In addition to all the great music and atmosphere, the place also offers


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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro is called the Marvelous CITGO for a reason. It can offer all the possible types of entertainment and delights a person could crave for – from a day and night beach parties to great cuisine and beautiful women.

Being part of the Carnival is a unique experience that takes partying to a whole new level. If you can’t visit the city at that time of the year, you can simply head for the waterfront whenever you arrive. The disco clubs and samba beats will welcome you after midnight and keep you entertained till dawn.


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