Percentile Score in JEE Main

Know About the Percentile Score in JEE Main


Know About the Percentile Score in JEE Main

Percentile Score in JEE Main
Percentile Score in JEE Main

JEE Main will be conducted by National Testing Agency twice before the admission in the next academic session. The test will be conducted on multiple dates and in two sessions each day. Though there will be different sets of question papers per session, the chances remain that the difficulty level of the different sets will differ. This will result in some candidates have to attempt relatively tougher sets of questions and scoring lower marks compared to others.

Under the circumstances, some candidates may get a disadvantage due to the tougher set of questions to attempt while others may be getting an undue advantage to the easier set of questions that they were handed. In order to avoid such a situation and bring about uniformity in the scoring system, NTA has decided to homogenize the scores using the percentile method. Candidates appearing for JEE Main will be granted Percentile scores instead of raw scores. It is worthwhile to mention here that NTA has assured that there will be no change in the pattern and difficulty level of the test. The percentile score will play an important role in deciding JEE Main Cutoff Score.

Percentile scores are calculated based upon the performance of all the candidates appearing for the examination. It is obtained by modifying the raw scores of every candidate on a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session. Almost all the aptitude selection tests in India follow the normalization process, using the percentile uniformity. A percentile score of a candidate in the JEE Main will reflect how many candidates have scored below that particular candidate.

Percentile score is calculated by using the following formula:

(100 X Number of candidates appeared in a Session with Raw Score =/< than a particular candidate) / Total number of candidates appeared in the Session.

Decode the JEE Main Percentile Score and Ranking Procedure:

Percentile score is not the same as the percentage of marks obtained. Raw scores of each section, as well as overall raw score, will be transformed into a percentile for every candidate. The highest scorer of each session will have a normalized score 100 percentiles in their particular session. To reduce ties, the percentile scores will be calculated up to 7 decimal places.

In case more than one candidate obtains the same percentile, then the tie-breaking process will be acquired, considering first the percentile score in Mathematics, second the percentile score in Physics, third the Chemistry percentile score and fourth the Date of Birth. If the tie is still not resolved, the same rank will be given to the concerned candidates. Result declared will be the percentile score for the exam.

The JEE Main results in the form of sectional and overall percentile score will be declared after each round of exam. The final results considering both the rounds of exams as well as the rank list will be declared tentatively on April 30, 2019, after assembling the results of both the rounds of JEE Main.

The Percentile score will be examined for preparation of the merit lists. The highest of the two percentile scores for candidates who appear in both the rounds of JEE Main will be considered for the All India rank of JEE Main 2019.



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