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How to Monitor WhatsApp Messenger Chat on Teenage Android Phone?


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers these days. Are you agreeing with this statement? If not, then check out the cellphone of your kids and teens, siblings, parents and even of your colleague, you will get to know no one has forgotten to install WhatsApp except you. So, this is the demo that I have given you about the fame of the world’s frequently used social messaging app that is been on the rise and still continues.

Therefore, let’s be honest to yourself and if you are parents and you think social media is good but has got so much vulnerability for the youngsters. You often heard in news about the online danger that has to prevail among the young generation.

Then you have to do something to protect your teens and to monitor your teens WhatsApp activities. Simply, you have to have the WhatsApp spy app for Android that allows you to get access remotely to the target device installed messenger. Further, you will come to know each and every single activity happen on your target cell phone installed an instant messaging app to the fullest.

How to get WhatsApp monitoring app & to spy on teen’s WhatsApp chat?


First and foremost, if you want to have WhatsApp tracking app, then you initially have to go on the web and to visit the official website of the cell phone spy app for android. Then you need to get a subscription of the cell phone spy app and finally, you will receive the credentials such as passcode and ID.

Now get a physical access on the target mobile phone device of android and install the cell phone monitoring app on the target device. The moments you have done the job successfully, then you need to activate it on the target device.

While the activation process, you will see a pop-up message on the target device screen and you will have options. One you can use it openly and you can hide it either. Just choose the best option that suits you and get to activation job done.

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Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel and then visit the mobile phone spy app features. It will provide you multiple features that make you capable enough to monitor WhatsApp chat of your teens on their android cellphone.

Use cellphone tracking app features and monitor WhatsApp teen chat

IM’s Social Media

You can use IM’s social media of the WhatsApp tracking software and get access to WhatsApp logs such as text messages, text conversations, and audio & video conversations logs. It further allows a user to view WhatsApp logs of shared media such as photos and videos and WhatsApp Voice messages. It means you can remotely get access to the teen’s chat on their android cellphone and get to know to whom she is making chats conversations with a complete time stamp.

WhatsApp live screen Recording

You can monitor chat of teens on target android cellphone and gadgets by using the WhatsApp screen recording tool of the WhatsApp surveillance software. It allows the user to record short time videos of the screen and send it to the control panel. Where you can get access to the chat and get to know what it’s all about to the fullest. Short videos would be proof for you if your teens are making conversations with a stranger in terms of a stalker, cyber bully and sexual predator.


You can remotely get access to the target device installed social messaging app by using the WhatsApp spy software for android. It enables the user to capture screenshots remotely of the screen when teens are making chats conversation on the android phone screen. The user can get access to the captured screenshots. However, the user can capture multiple screenshots at once by scheduling the multiple commands via an online control panel of the android monitoring software.



The user can use the keylogger and get their hands on all the keystrokes applied by teens on androids such as password keystrokes, WhatsApp keystrokes, messages keystrokes, and others. So, the user can view all logs of the keystrokes and monitor conversations.


Use cellphone monitoring app for android and monitor WhatsApp chat of your teens on the target android cell phone or gadget and get to know the hidden reality. Parents can protect their teens from all possible digital dangers to the fullest.

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