Best hairstyles for long hair 2018

Hairstyles for Long Hair and 40 Wedding Hairstyles in 2018

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Long straight hairs are the backbone of a women’s beauty, especially when your hairs are healthy, cut perfectly, groomed and styled complimentary. There are a vast number of hairstyles for long hair available for you gorgeous señoritas out there, so that is why we are going to show you in this article, how to style your long straight hairs in 2018. These hairstyles can be used for any occasion and at any time of the year.


1. Neat Long Layers Hairstyles for Long Hair:


Neat Long Layers Hairstyles
Neat Long Layers Hairstyles


The classic Jennifer Aniston hair style’s look is multi-layered and has face-framing strands. A professionally cut hairstyle add body to it. Whether your hair is slightly wavy or straight locked, this cut is so sophisticated and timeless and can be used at any time of the year.

2. Straight Flipped Out Hair:

Straight Flipped Out Hair
Straight Flipped Out Hair

If you are having some long gorgeous hairs, then you are allowed to make up that classic look. Multiple layers add some extra body to your hair. A round brush is required to add volume and flip out the ends, with a deep side part that creates an extremely gorgeous look, resulting in a slightly messy but elegant class.

3. Wide Surface Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair:

wide Surface Braid Hairstyles
Wide Surface Braid Hairstyles

If you need a pretty new idea, you can try this wide surface braid with your cute long hairs. It’s very comfortable and loose crafting wider loops between each other, somewhat familiar with a braided loaf. The hairstyle starts from the top of the head and lowers down the left side for a sleek, pretty unique look.

4. Braided Parting with Headband:

Braided Parting with Headband
Braided Parting with Headband

Want to look extra gorgeous? This cute triple braid hairstyle has an inspiring look with some braided details that work as a fancy hair retrofit and at the same moment prevents you hair locks from falling in your face. It is also known as a hairstyle for long hairs used in weddings.

5. Long Hairs with Golden Waves:

Long Hairs with Golden Wave
Long Hairs with Golden Wave

Any weather, any season. You can have that summertime, sun-kissed glow in any time of the year with a warm beach blonde color. The darker depth at the roots makes the bright shade look more natural and realistic. A center part with a deep easy going texture can make you distinctive among others. You can get some heatless waves with a brush or can style your locks straight and hard. It works perfectly well both ways.

6. Side-Parted Burgundy:

Side-Parted Burgundy
Side-Part Burgundy

Amazing long locks can look more succulent than ever with free and loose curled ends. You can get the look by blowing it dry the top two of your hair straight as a pin. For the lower part you can use a round brush to add volume and waves to your ends, or maybe you can try to use a curling iron with a thick barrel on low to medium heat.

7. Side Braid for Long Hairs:

Hairstyles for long hair
Side Braid for Long Hairs

Braids are one of the most important parts of a perfect hairstyle for long straight hairs, controlling locks without piling them atop the head. This reverse plait shows the contrast of roots and ends with a brown to blonde lineage.

8. Face-Framing Sombre:

Face Framing Sombre hairstyles for long hair
Face Framing Sombre

Various layers add volume and movement to long hairs, transforming from womanly and sophisticated to sweet and girlish. The trending color method also known as the hand-painted highlights adds a modern look, while the silky styling with wavy ends a more feminine look.

9. Long Layered Ombre:


Straight long hair are the perfect need for creating a steady fade from brunette to blonde. You need to style it with a round brush and a hair dryer to get that sleek and smooth finish with some lush rolled ends. A side part is just as necessary as its beauty because it removes any type of imperfections and gives you a look with an elongated face.

More styles of long layered ombre click here

10. Textured Ends and Highlights:

Textured Ends and Highlights Hairstyles
Textured Ends and Highlights Hairstyles

If you were born with a hair shade that you simply love, but you just realized that it has gotten duller over time, these highlights are the perfect way to get back the strands of your young days. Decreasing the weights from the ends creates a flared look that encourages the rolls.

11. Fish Tail-Wrapped PonyTail:


The best styling ideas are those that blend different styles into one, like this fishtail braid also known as the wrapped ponytail. This hairstyle can blend into any occasion, anywhere from a yoga class to an outdoor wedding. To style, it leaves out a thick portion from the front and pulls the rest of the strands into a top-sided pony high ponytail. Weave the remaining hairs softly and wrap around the ponytail.

How to Fish Tail-Wrapped Ponytail please watch Youtube

12. Brunette Style with Subtle Highlights:

If you want to change your hair colors or shade but do not want a big change in your look, consider doing smooth face- framing balayage highlights. Placing a light and brighter color on the lower side of your hair creates an illuminated look, with the chopped end that enlightens the health of the hair, meanwhile, subtle layers keep the look soft. While styling in bends to reveal the interior of the strands.

For more varieties please check

13. Glossy Hair with Subtle Layering:

You need a perfect hairstyle for these fines hairs to add volume without the exchange of the thickness of the hairs. With the layering focused throughout the ends does the job perfectly. That solid dark increases shine and density. With the central part that gives a cool and classic 60’s vibe.


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14. Half-Up Braided Style:

One of the best things about long hair is adaptability, by pinning and braiding, the front keeps the strands out of your face while letting the length loose. This option can also be used with fishtails and waterfall braids. Inspirational pictures like this can help you come up with one of your own diversity of braided half updo.

15. Feathered Dark Brown Cut:

Shag is the ideal choice for perfect long straight hairs which can be felt as a bit lifeless. Parted in the mid and the ends-styled with a round brush for that curved look, the rich layers have a light, flying movement similar to that of soft feathers. The espresso hue brings it all in one place.

16. Half -Up Brown Hairstyle:

Bronze and Caramel shades provide the best and perfect dose of shine on a deep brown or black background. The amazingly woven highlights feature the dignified draping of this simple style, with the use of just a couple of inches of braiding. The smooth and shiny clip adds a trendy look.

17. Silky Curved Layers Hairstyles for Long Hair:

If you are born with naturally coarse and curly hair, you should get a relaxer or keratin treatment to get those silky long straight hairs. By using a C-Shaped guide, you can allow the waste reaching lengths to connect to the shorter strands and layers. A big bristle round brush is perfect for handling stubborn hair textures.

18. Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs:

When you are going to get a bold color for your hairs, it is best to get a simple cut, so the look is interesting, not overwhelming. Blunt Edges and Crisp Lines provide the best platform to a vivid hue. Deep purple and magenta are the best choices for brunettes who want an unnatural and yet dignified hair color.

19. Short to Long Cut:

If you do not want a headache over how to perfectly style long straight hair, go for some weight reducing layer cut. Start cutting at a high elevation, with longer layers that flow directly into the curved bangs, this hairstyle works more natural and sleek.

20. Highlights and Curled Ends:

It is too easy to get stuck in a new trend, but there is always something that is timeless. Blonde highlights and long lengths give life to such a dignified look that never goes out of style.  You can use a round brush to curl the ends away from the face to allow different layers to flow.

21. Soft Layers with Blended Highlights:

If you want to keep a classic vibe, but trying to do something new, you can always try scattered highlights with invisible layers. With the application of pale hues in different woven parts, instead of making it sliced, gives strands an all over glimmer. Shorter layers that fall like a cloak over the longer strands provide subtle movement.

22. Silky Caramel Blonde:

The sign of the perfect haircut for long hair is that it adds shape without needing to thin the ends too much. One of the best ways to achieve this look is to balance the layers around the face. With some different hues and highlights to strands, to get that perfect hairstyle look.

23. Pretty Flaxen Blonde Shag:

These girls with long hairs mostly try to make new and fresh styling ideas instead of a cut, but for their good luck charm, there is a lot of shaping choices without the need to exchange length of the hair in return. A Luscious layer creates a cute and trendy look.

24. Silky Silver Razored Ends:

This sophisticated Avant-Garde hue and disconnected edges crafts this classic long hairstyle into something more prominent and futuristic. The shiny gray and narrow ends that flow endlessly create a look somewhat familiar with a liquid metal. With this subtle side parting, that gives it the ultimate finishing touch.

25. Sandy Highlights and Soft Ends:

The layers of the long straight haircuts are usually snipped in first, and then the edges of the strands are chopped into a crisp border. The layers are usually long and cloaked with the ends, which leave it with a diffused exterior. This method is perfect for long hairs and is usually used with hand-painted highlights.

26.  Chocolate Brown Layered Cut:

Long straight hairstyles with a number of layers create movement and body for the hairs. Trim the layers to get chin length layers to get it as a frame for your face, followed by a couple of more layers down the length of your hairs.

You can see more styles of Chocolate Brown Layered Cut

27. Sharply Angled Hairs with Layers:

In the below picture Jennifer Lopez looks so stunning and gorgeous with her stylish long hair cut. That features sharply arranged layers along the length of the hairs. If your hairs are sleek and thick, this hairstyle will rock bottom an appealing silhouette and get rid of any excessive bulk. Although when styling your hairs, use a matte wax to define and add volume to the ends.

28. Dark Brown Layers with Highlights:

Lily Aldridge is so gorgeous! The thin layering of her front locks looks absolutely stunning. The shape and structure of Lily’s haircut are enhanced by the creative hair color solution, she has used. The long golden brown strands refresh her hairstyle and define the ends of her haircut. When styling your hair, use a blow dryer with a round brush to curl the edges of your locks towards outside for that glossy finishing touch.

29. Blonde Layered Haircut:

Most of the girls with straight long hairs always complain about their hairstyles for long hair does not have enough dimension and texture. But Cara Delevingne’s straight locked tresses looks absolutely gorgeous. The secret behind her look is the layered haircuts and branding coloring that give the sophisticated look of a sun-faded lock.

30. Long Hair with Blunt Bangs:

If you are a girl or a woman with long straight thick hairs, then this Hannah Simone’s haircut with long layers is all that you need. It looks so stunning in simple down dos like in the picture, but it can be also styled in breathtaking chic braided hairstyles and updos. This thick blunt cut brings a lot of attention to those stunning and beautiful big eyes of Hannah.

31. High and Tight Pony:

It’s easy to get rid of the heat and humidity of summer when you sport a high ponytail. You can slick your hair back and secure it with a hair tie and some hairspray to get some hold for the ponytail and look totally chic, same as Kendall Jenner with her trademark hairstyle in the picture. The heat won’t stand a single chance.

32. Wear it Low:

To give that look of super sleekness, just like Kendall’s. You need a center part in the first place, the use some hairspray for your padded brush’s bristles and use it to lay your hair perfectly adjacent and flat against your head. Gather all your remaining hair in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Long Hairs are like such important to women as a mane is important to a lion. It needs special treatment and care. You should use different high-quality balms, heat protectants, and hair masks. Altogether it is very important to get the perfect haircut and trim the split ends every day. The base of a stylish look is straight long hairs, You can try any of the hairstyle mentioned in our review. These are usually easy to make and can b styled at home. Stay Happy, Stay Pretty and stay trendy!

33.     Twisted Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Look, I am not expecting you to drop quite a buck to get your hair styled every time you have a dance, college or wedding to attend. Instead, you can do this beautifully twisted updo yourself very quickly in less than 10 minutes. This bun looks deceptively complicated but actually, it is absolutely easy to get that gorgeous look.

34. Extra Long Double Pony Tail:

You might have gorgeous long hair but it may not look as long and full as you want them to look when you tie them up in a high ponytail. That’s just because you are tying it all in the wrong way. This simple hack of a style includes dual ponytails tied on top of each other to help your ponytail achieve length, fuller body and dimensions.

35. Braided Flower Crown:

There are some top feminine hairstyles and then there is Braided Flower Crown hairstyle, this cannot get any more girly. Do you want your hair to look like roses, right? Girls think this is a hairstyle that will take almost year to perfect, but that is just a hoax and actually, it just requires some basic braiding and pinning.

36. Half Dutch Pony Tail:

Add some German effect to your regular ponytail with this hairstyle by adding some dainty braiding into it. Aside Dutch braided looks absolutely gorgeous and helps you to show off your top class braiding skills. You can use it anywhere to enhance the prettiness of your simple ponytail.

37. Ideal Rope Braid:

Rope braid is the trending hairstyle for girls with long straight hair. Everybody would ask the question; what’s so “ideal” about this rope braid. Actually, this hairstyle is ideal because it does not include any real braiding. All you have to do is to follow a simple twisting pattern and you will end with such a beautiful braid that wills a charm of its own

38. French Braid Twisted Bun:

Want to hang out with your friends for a weekend brunch? Match this totally cute hair look with the relaxed vibe of the afternoon. The French braided twisted bun seems sophisticated chic and is a perfect hairstyle for matching it up with a dainty necklace and a casual T-shirt.

You will need some texturizing spray to add volume and weight to the hairs and use a hairbrush to straighten them, with a hair elastic and bobby pins to hold them in place. Use some texturizing spray and brush your hairs down to the back. From your left temple, pick up a medium sized portion of hairs and distribute it into 3 more portions. Add some more hair to the outside with each stitch of the braid, gather all your hair in one hand, use the hair tie to roll them in a bun with the help of some bobby pins. And you will be left with a wonderful trendy hairstyle.

Tutorial for the french braided twisted bun hairstyle

39. Triple Twist Half Up:


When we are thinking to do to half up style, we generally work with only one of the section of the hairs on each side of our head and then call it a day. But this time, you need to make a change and try out this triple twists hairstyle that works with different sections of your hair to create an absolute gorgeous hair look.

You will need a heat protectant, a 2-inch curling iron, a hairbrush with some bobby pins and a texturizing spray. Curl your hair with the curling iron, but remember to use a heat protectant to prevent any damage to your hair. Then spritz some texturizing spray and brush through your curls. You need a middle, pick some hairs from your left temple and twist it right till the end, pin this hair section and do the same multiple time on the right side, now gently lose all the twists to give some dimension and style and finish off the look.

40. One Minute Knotted Half Up:

It’s a special occasion for you and you are hosting a big dinner party and in a rush, you have to run to the kitchen to get the cake out of the oven? But, it is too risky to go anywhere near the oven with your hair all free and lose. But, guess what you are lucky enough to tie this simple knot and amaze your guests with your absolutely gorgeous and dignified hairstyles for long hair.

The things that you will surely need are a 5-inch curling iron, with a hair protectant obviously and a couple of bobby pins. To style, it applies hair protectant to your washed, dried hair. Curl one inch of your lower half of hair, one section at a time. Pick up 2-inch sections from each side of your temple and pull them all the way back downwards. Tie each section into one single knot at the backside of your head and then secure the knotted hair in place with the help of few bobby pins and you are all ready, to rock the party.


Hairstyles for Long Hair are like such important to women as a mane is important to a lion. It needs special treatment and care. You should use different high-quality balms, heat protectants, and hair masks. Altogether it is very important to get the perfect haircut and trim the split ends every day. The base of a stylish look is straight long hairs; you can try any of the hairstyle mentioned in our review. These are usually easy to make and can b styled at home. Stay Happy, Stay Pretty and stay trendy!

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