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With the rise in start-ups and MNCs globally, the demand for freelancers has also started gaining grounds over the last few years. Increasing competition and the desire to be the market ruler has also contributed immensely towards its development.


Freelancing as a concept in India can be well seen in the light of the rapidly growing e-commerce industry. With their large scale expansion and wide ranging products, these platforms are increasingly cementing their position in the market. Such growth and opportunities have paved the way for the new business models to enter the online arena like the “Freelance Model of Business”. However, before choosing the job of freelancing as a profession, one must sit back and analyse the various pros and cons that may come alongside success.


Here are some of the merits and demerits of taking up freelancing as a career that one may consider:




  1. Flexible work-hoursThis is one of the biggest advantages of being a freelancer. One can work sitting anywhere and anytime as per their convenience and hence it offers more job satisfaction than any 9-5 rigid job structure.
  2. Numerous choicesThere is absolutely no limit to the range of projects one can undertake as a freelancer. From technical fields like graphic design, web development etc. to social media marketing, freelancing provides us with a pool of opportunities to hone our skills and climb up on our career graph.
  3. Building rapportWhile working as a freelancer, one gets to interact with a lot of successful people who have been engaged in this line of business since years. This not only provides us tremendous exposure, but also helps us in expanding our networks and portfolios.
  4. Taking up hobby as a career- Many of us wonder- What if I earn by taking up my hobby as my career? Well, with freelancing this is certainly possible! One can take up projects on their field of interest and in the mean time get paid for their work as well.




  1. Highly competitiveAs it is an online job, there is no barrier to the number of people applying for a particular project. Clients prefer to hire someone who can demonstrate their skills better that the other applicant. Hence, it becomes extremely essential for a freelancer to provide the best quality work in order to remain in the race.
  2. Tests patience Freelancing is a job profile which will test one’s patience over and over again before one could settle in. In the initial months, one has to focus more on building their work portfolio and once they are well versed with the scheme of work, it becomes easy for them to attract more clients.
  3. Unstable flow of income- Unlike in full-time job, freelancing doesn’t provide a stable flow of income. This is true to the sense that one has to keep hunting for projects every time they want to work and complete them within the time frame allotted in order to receive the payment.


Every job in this world comes with its own set of pros and cons, after all that is what makes the job worth pursuing. Freelancing as a career can be both interesting as well as challenging at the same time. As of now, the future looks bright for freelancing with a wide, diversified and positive scope of growth. Hence, proper self-introspection is what is the need of the hour before deciding to take up this job as a profession.


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