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10 Accessories Your Family Cars Must Have During Travel

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10 Accessories Your Family Cars Must Have During Travel

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Families spend time together mostly on long-weekend travels. Among land vehicles, only family car can be the best version of a second home. In other words, you can find a lot of stuff inside a family car compared to ordinary ones like Uber or taxi cabs. You might be wondering why.  Well, everybody loves the comfort feeling of being at home, where everything they need is present during long hours of driving miles away from the real home. In fact, most parents are acting like scouts in getting ready for long-drive moments with their kids. Nothing hides the truth that travelling with playful kids is really stressful most of the time. In response to this, parents must be very particular with family car must-haves in order to make their travel experience easier and more comforting than ever. So here’s a checklist of what a family car must have on weekend escapades.    


You can’t always hide from the sun, especially when you get caught on a heavy traffic for a long time. The problem is, sun rays from the car window can be very difficult to deal with. It strikes on your face that you almost find it hard to take a look outside. Luckily, sunshades are now available for car windows. Sunshades are made with polyester that can trap the maximum heat of the sun. You can place it on your window in different ways: through clips, magnets, suction cups, while some are especially created after the exact size of a certain car window.


  • Air Freshener

Air freshener is one of the basic accessories that you will find in anybody’s car. You may notice sometimes that your air conditioner emits undesirable odor (worst like a dead rat) because of too much mold and bacteria that has been formed over time. Although foul smell doesn’t really cause harmful effects to the body, the fact that it can cause dismay makes it unwelcome Nonetheless, air freshener is the most convenient solution to this type of car scenario.


  • Waterproof seat cover

Chances of spilt food or fluid are high during long hours of travel. For all that, you can avoid these chances by covering your car seats with waterproof seat cover. Best example of this type is a neoprene seat cover that is made from synthetic rubber, a total non-absorbent material. This can also be helpful to resist dirt from your children’s shoes.  


  • Infant Car Seat

One of the most important factors to consider is your child’s safety when riding a vehicle. Most mothers carry their infants to sit on their laps but this can be a bit tiring especially after long hours of travel. An infant car seat can save mothers from getting their arms numbed. The car seat comes with protective belts and gears for the baby’s safety.  

  • Trash Bin

Proper placement of trash bin inside your vehicle is better than throwing away your trash outside the window. Collect all your trashes in a garbage bag, then properly dispose it when you find the best available time and place for disposal.


  • USB Charger Port

Running out of battery is not a problem if you have a USB charger port installed in your car. With this functional extension, you can recharge your smartphone anytime you want, as long as your car meets a specific power requirement to charge a phone.


  • Travel Dining Tray

You can have your meal on dining tray in the middle of the road. With this accessory, eating in a moving vehicle won’t  be a problem anymore. You no longer have to worry about drinks that might spill since it is designed with a glass holder on it.


  • Headrest Pillow

Headrest pillow are especially designed for lengthy driving experience. This accessory comforts the driver’s neck as it is installed at the car seat head. Passengers can also use it for better sleep results.


  • Roof Box

As much as you want to bring extra loads on a road trip; sadly, you cannot place everything with your compartment alone. However, there is a roof box that will surely solve your problem. A roof box can occupy the rest of your spare baggage.


  • Car Cover

As owners, the cleanliness and safety of your car is in your hands. Car scratch is probably the  most inevitable cases that may occur on car’s history. Cars can take scratches anywhere – whether outside or even at home. You can keep your car from scratches outside by driving properly; however, nobody is a perfect driver so you can never hold on to your car’s safety. On the other hand, chances of scratches at home are: reckless kids, animal scratches, twig/branch dropping, dirty cleaning cloth, and other sharp objects. To protect your car from scratches, it is highly suggested to cover your car after every use.


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By: Sarah Contreras

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